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Hello! I am thrilled to share a window into my world of teaching, learning and some of my everyday experiences.  I hope you find something that may put a smile on your face or help think about things with a new perspective!  I love getting to know each of my clients personalities, interests and motivations.  This allows me to build a solid rapport with each one and create a memorable experience that will hopefully, leave a lifelong impression!


Woad is seriously the best dog EVER! She is  such a sweet girl that loves to greet EVERYONE! The plan is to begin  training to become a therapy dog so we can reach even more individuals and put a smile on their face from schools, libraries, and medical facilities.  When she does not attend work with me, she happily catches up on her naps in the sunshine on the front porch.



She is a 1983 Canadian Sailcraft that is continuing her story and finding herself in new adventures with Tausha! I was in need of an office starting in 2021. I had an idea for something unique and once I had that in my head, I could not get past it.  It has been so much fun learning how much I did not know!
This is just the beginning.

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